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Turkey Nest monitoring

OPS Australia

Tank monitoring

OPS Australia

Wild Dog Exclusion Fence Gate monitoring

OPS Australia provide innovative and cost effective solutions for the Central West of Queensland.

OPS was born and bred in the bush and all our products are built to work in Outback conditions.

From monitoring water levels in tanks and turkey nests, to monitoring exclusion fencing gates, to virtual dog fences, to monitoring water over roads.

And presenting all of this information in a secure and easy to use web Portal.

OPS Australia work to benefit the Central West.

Smart Innovative Solutions

Built tough to work in the Outback

Local guidance

OPS Australia was created out of need; Keith Gordon purchased a flock of sheep only to find them brutalised by a pack of wild dogs. Keith phoned Andrew Barton and asked, “Can we build a system that will detect wild dogs and stop them killing sheep?” Andrew’s reply was the trigger that formed this local start-up.  What followed is an intense journey of development, testing and iteration.

We formed a local grazier steering committee to provide guidance into the product development.

The OPS technical team and the steering committee meet every six months to review the latest development and to review and prioritise the portfolio of products.

This integration with the local graziers ensures that the development undertaken by OPS is closely aligned to customer needs and expectations.