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OPS Australia

Rural Property Management Systems

OPS Australia provides innovative ag-tech solutions for all your property management needs.
OPS can monitor and control anything on your property with a low total cost of ownership.
OPS smart integrated solutions are built to work in outback conditions. 
Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Smart Innovative Solutions

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Built tough for the Outback

Local Design and Delivery

The core to our solutions is great data communications. This enables all our products to transfer data to our secure cloud-based OPS Portal, where you have oversight and control of your full OPS property management solution.
We are the only major ag-tech solution in Australia to be based in the bush.
OPS solutions are designed and built by the bush, for the bush, in the bush.

Smarter by Design

The OPS solution was designed to be useful for primary producers.  

OPS solutions are flexible and can be easily customised to everyone’s particular needs. 

The OPS solution was designed to monitor anything on a property, to control anything on a property. And then these monitoring and control functions can be integrated together using smart algorithms.  “If tank full, then turn pump off”.

You can view and review all that has occurred using the OPS Portal.  And you will be alerted should something particular happen. 

OPS solutions are built ready for the application of AI or other advanced data analytics.  And all of the above is delivered without the cost of data. 

The OPS solution is firmly aligned with the Agriculture 4.0 design strategy.  Agriculture 4.0 is the future of farming. 

OPS solutions are smarter by design.  Contact us to discuss the OPS solution design. 

What is ag-tech?

Ag-tech is “technology” applied to “agriculture”.

Australian agriculture has been using technology since the get-go. Examples of ag-tech technology include electricity, 4WD vehicles, UHF radios, satellite internet connections, NLIS tags and electric fences.  

Australian agriculture is adopting new and smarter ways with the evolution of technology in the bush.  Ag-tech is helping primary producers meet their objectives despite the inherent challenges of the Australian bush.

Ag-tech solutions should be integrated.  They need to be designed so that everything works seamlessly together.  You want one “view” of your property.

Ag-tech solutions can range from “low tech” to “high tech”.  They range from simple to detailed.  Everyone is using ag-tech, whether they realise it or not.  It is important that your ag-tech solution works for you.  It is important that your OPS ag-tech solution allows you to meet your property management objectives. 

Contact us to learn more about ag-tech within Australia.

Data Communications

Data communications is critically important to any ag-tech solution.  You need to be able to get all your data into a single secure cloud based location in a reliable and cost effective manner. 

Establishing good data communications will allow you to see all your data for your property on your computer and phone anywhere where you have an internet connection. 

Your data communications network will allow you to monitor and control your property in an integrated manner. If the tank is full, then turn the pump off.

Establishing good data communications is the backbone of every good ag-tech solution.  And given the technologies available within Australia, no-one should pay for data for monitoring and control solutions.

Contact us to learn how to implement data communications on your property. 

Data Analytics

Data analytics provides information from your collected data. 

Every industry sector today is using data analytics.  This is the “age of data”.

Your OPS solution allows advanced data analytics to be applied to your data.  These data analytics techniques include advanced topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced remote control.   

The OPS solution was deliberately designed and built like this from the beginning. 

OPS brings data analytics to Australia primary producers.

Contact us to discuss using data analytics within your rural business. 

OPS Alerting

The OPS Alerting solution is continually watching your property data for issues or particular events. 

OPS Alerting delivers smart alerting functions based on historical data and data analytics. 

Alerting is an important function of monitoring assets such as a tank, or a turkey nest, or the operation of a pump.  You want to know as soon as possible if there is a problem, or if something is significantly different from “normal”. 

The library of OPS alerts is continually growing and is being refined with experience. 

Contact us to discuss a particular alerting need, or alerting in general. 

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