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Data Gateways

Data Gateways are core to the OPS terrestrial data communications network. 

Data Gateways are the reason that OPS can provide smart, highly scalable monitoring and control solutions without charging for data.

Today, with the data communications technology available within Australia, no-one should pay for data for ag-tech solutions. 

Data Gateways are located in typical high locations on your property.   Data Gateways can be installed on an existing mast above your homestead.   Or Data Gateways can be installed on free standing masts on hills or jump ups.  These Data Gateways can be solar battery powered. 

Data Gateways can connect to the internet via your home router, or can connect via a Telstra IoT data service.  OPS Data Gateways do not need 3G/4G mobile coverage to establish connectivity. 

A Data Design confirms where to locate Data Gateways on your property to establish the required data communications connectivity.  

OPS Data Designs are complementary. 

Contact OPS today to prepare a complementary Data Design for your property or properties.

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