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What is Ag-Tech?

Ag-tech is technology applied to agriculture.

Australian agriculture has been using technology since the get-go. Examples of ag-tech technology include electricity, 4WD vehicles, UHF radios, satellite internet connections, NLIS tags and electric fences.  Some older forms of ag-tech technology include kerosene fridges and 32V DC power.

Australian agriculture is adopting new and smarter ways with the evolution of technology in the bush. Ag-tech is helping primary producers continue to meet their objectives despite the inherent challenges of the Australian bush.

Ag-Tech Planning

Every property should have an Ag-Tech Plan. 

Your Ag-Tech Plan contains “what” you want to achieve. This may include water assurance, or the ability for you to spend time away from the property. Or more specific objectives like paddock rotation.

An Ag-Tech Plan must be written down and reviewed by everyone involved.

Ag-Tech Solutions

Your ag-tech solution is “how” you achieve your objectives. A well managed property has a good ag-tech solution in place that is meeting the objectives. 

Ag-tech solutions can range from “low tech” to “high tech”. They can also range from simple to detailed. Just as long as your ag-tech solution is allowing you to meet your objectives. 

Ag-tech solutions should be integrated and designed so that everything works seamlessly together. 

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