Automatic Gates

OPS Australia resell Australian made automatic gates.

There single gate and double gate options as well as solar powered and electrically powered options.

There are options of wireless push button or wireless keypad operation. 

The wireless push button remotes can be “disabled” using a key.  Gates with the keypad options can be “disabled” by changing the codes on the keypads.

Some notes regarding the install.  

  • The hinges of the gate should operate as easily as possible.
  • The gate should not be overly heavy.
  • The gate should also not present large resistance in windy conditions.
  • The gate can be programmed to automatically close after an adjustable time of up to 2 minutes.

These gates have proven to work reliably within our region.

OPS Australia offers a full gate installation, or an assisted gate installation. 

The assisted installation is where the OPS team work with you to install the automatic gate.  An assisted install typically take about 3 hours.  

Call OPS Australia today on 4658 9541 to discuss Automatic Gate solutions.