Data Communications

Much of agriculture within Australia is without mobile (3G / 4G) reception.

Further the total cost of ownership of an outback ag-tech monitoring solution is of prime importance.

Data communications is core to the OPS Australia solution. In most cases our solutions can be delivered to provide no ongoing data communication costs.

The provision of no data communication costs, allows the monitoring solutions to grow and scale without them becoming cost prohibitive.

An OPS data communications solution consists of data gateways being installed typically at a homestead. The data gateway should be installed on a mast or other high structure. The data gateway connects to the internet router in the homestead. Any number of data collection Modules can be installed within a 10-15 km radius of each data gateway. They will all transfer collected data through to the secure OPS Portal.

Remote Data Gateways are where the gateway is installed at a location where direct access to the internet is not possible. While Remote Data Gateways will different in configuration depending on the location, they will typically result in no ongoing data communications costs. Remote Data Gateways provide data coverage over large properties.

The OPS Team will provide a complimentary Online Data Survey. This is a computer generated simulation that takes the land surface profile of your property into account to identify the optimum locations of the data gateway or data gateways.

Once you have your data gateways installed, you can implement a scalable and cost effective monitoring solution.

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