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Data Communications

Data communications is critically important to contemporary ag-tech solutions.  You need to be able to get all your data into a single secure cloud based location in a reliable and cost effective manner. 

Establishing good data communications will allow you to see all your data for your property on your computer and phone anywhere where you have an internet connection. 

Your data communications network will allow you to monitor and control your property in an integrated manner. Establishing good data communications is the backbone of every good ag-tech solution.

OPS will install one or more data gateways on your property. These data gateways will be typically installed in high central locations. Then, depending on the terrain of your property around the data gateway, you will be able to place OPS monitoring or control modules within a range of up to 20 km around the data gateway.  You will be able to install any number of additional modules around the data gateway without incurring any additional data costs. 

The OPS data gateways connect to the internet via a variety of means depending on your property and the location of your property.  The OPS Team will propose a data design to establish cost effective data coverage across your full property.

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