Exclusion Fencing

The introduction of exclusion fencing within rural Queensland has made a profound difference to this primary industry.

Visit RAPAD’s website Not just a Fence (https://notjustafence.org/). This website provides an understanding of the value of this fencing and how it is saving the outback.

However, the wild dogs are clever, cunning animals and they often roam the outside of the exclusion fences. They look for ways to get in for a feed, or a feed and a killing frenzy.

The wild dogs can get into the exclusion fence in several ways.

Virtual Dog Fence

The first is where the exclusion fences crosses a creek or river and where the terrain is difficult to fence. Here the dogs get under the fence in the channels. The channels can’t be fenced as the water physically pushes the fence away when the creeks and rivers run due the strength of the flowing water. Grasses, sticks and branches collect on the fence and it finally gives way creating a means for the dogs to get in.

OPS Australia are developing and trialling a “virtual dog fence” product. This is a smart product that detects wild dogs approaching the channel crossing. The product then scarers the dogs away from the fence line. Hence created a “virtual” fence.

We have not announced a schedule for trialling or release of our virtual dog fence product.

Grid Scarers

Cattle grids on roads are convenient. However they do present a way that wild dogs can enter the exclusion fence areas. The wild dogs simply run along the road and hop over the cattle grid into the exclusion area.  Various approaches such as flashing Christmas lights and tarps on the road how not proven effective in stopping the dogs. Those cunning dogs still get it!

There are several grid scarer products on the market today. These typically use domestic proximity sensor to detect the approaching animal. We believe that these products quickly lose their effectiveness in outback conditions. One outcome is that the detection range of the sensors lose their range. Grid scarer products need to detect the wild dogs from a reasonable distance. Otherwise the ability of the product to deter the wild dog is greatly diminished. 

OPS Australia are aware of the limitations of current grid scarer products. We are developing a grid scarer product featuring with a distinctly different approach.

We have not announced a schedule for trialling or release of our next generation grid scarer product.

Gate Guardian

Wild dogs can also enter the exclusion fence areas through open gates. These gates can be in remote corners of your property. You may not drive past the gate from some time. During this time the wild dogs can roam the fence and enter for a killing frenzy.

OPS Australia are developing a product that detects when a gate is open, closed. The gate can be in a remote area. The Gate Guardian product can report the status of the gate on the OPS Portal. The Gate Guardian product will alert when your gate is opened or closed. Given this knowledge you can immediately take the necessary action.

Exclusion fencing is saving the outback. The OPS Australia products are augmenting these exclusion fence areas to ensure the protection of your sheep and cattle.

Exclusion Fencing is important to rural Australia.

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