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Step 1: Establish a Data Communications Network

To have an OPS Solution on your property firstly you will need to establish a data communication network on your property. This will allow the products to communicate with each other and transmit the collected data on to the OPS Portal for you to view anywhere you have an internet connection. 

OPS will create a personalised data communications network for your property. For this to happen we’ll need your properties boundaries, power and internet sources on your property and locations as to where you would like products. Please fill out a request a data communications plan to get this process started.

Step 2: Select your Products

Next you decide on what you want to monitor or control on your property. Your selection of products will create a personalised solution for your property.

Identify where you would like these products to be on your property and confirm these locations with the OPS team once you have completed Step 1. The OPS team will then confirm the technical specifications with having these products in the locations and provide a Solution Proposal and Quotation.

Step 3: Install the Solution

Now it’s time to install your Data Communications network and products across your property. OPS will assist in the installation process with instruction manuals, over the phone assistance or in personal installation. 

Once installed there are no ongoing communication costs. Now you have an established data communications network you can add more products onto your property at a later time with no communications costs.  

All your products will show the collected data on the OPS portal where you can monitor and control key aspects of your property. This is all made possible from your OPS data communications network design.

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