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Solution: Monitor a water tank

Water tanks are critical parts of your property’s water solution. 

They play an important role in ensuring that your stock has water.  

OPS Water Tank Monitoring ensures that no matter where you are, you will always know the water levels in your tanks.  

The OPS Alerting solution will let you know if the water level in the tank falls too quickly and will alert you to faults or leaks as soon as they are detected.

Mount an OPS Water Level Monitor on top of your tank.   Or beside your tank, if it is an open top.  The water level sensor resides in the bottom of the tank.

Monitor key tanks, or all your water tanks to provide assurance that your stock has access to water.

View your data on the OPS Portal.  View your data in real-time as the OPS Water Level Monitors regularly send back new water level readings.

There is no limit to the number of OPS Water Level Monitors you can have installed on your property.  And remember that there are no data costs for OPS monitoring and control solutions.

Additionally you can automatically operate a pump to keep the tank full.  The pump may be an electric bore or a solar pump (or both).   Note that the bore or the pump can be located anywhere; they don’t need to be located next to the tank. 

OPS Monitor a Water Tank

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