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Our Local Industry

OPS Australia has established an ag-tech industry in western Queensland.  Not only does this make good practical sense, but this industry engages a broad group of local people across a wide range of skills. This industry continues to grow and develop.

From the outset, OPS explored options to design and manufacture all aspects of our products in western Queensland.  This approach created a local industry as there was a strong belief that this region had the talent and resources to make this happen.

OPS places a priority on local businesses and business within Queensland. With all our professional services such as accounting, legal and banking are all based in Longreach.  All our marketing is produced within Queensland.

Product Development and Testing

The OPS Australia team has deep skills and experience in developing national and international products.

However all the OPS Australia products are designed, developed and tested within Longreach.  The National Operations Centre (NOC), in Longreach is our base and head office. 

Having said this, the OPS Australia team is distributed across many parts of Australia.  And we engage with numerous industry expert developers based globally around the world. 

Establishing the local ag-tech Industry

Establishing the ability to design and develop advanced ag-tech products within western Queensland is a powerful construct resulting in the creation of the local ag-tech industry.

Each of the parties take ownership and accountability for their respective areas of responsibility. This ecosystem of mature integrated companies forms a significant ag-tech development industry.  It is noted that this ag-tech industry has the ability to deliver a wide variety of high-tech robust ag-tech products in a scalable and cost effective manner.

Western Queensland is emerging as a national hot-spot for ag-tech innovation. 

The capability of this local ag-tech industry has been identified and acknowledged by the three tiers of government. 

  • Local Government support by numerous local councils, principally from Tony Rayner, Mayor of the Longreach Regional Council. 
  • Queensland State Government support from the former Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and the ongoing support of her cabinet. 
  • Federal Government support with the previous Australian Agricultural Minister David Littleproud MP with whom we maintain an ongoing relationship as he is our Federal Member for Maranoa.


OPS Australia engage in education and training.    We take every opportunity!

OPS Australia is part of CHRRUP’s LeadAG programme.

Design and Manufacture of Metal Components

At Centwest, Ian Harris and the team took on the design and manufacture of the metal components of our products. 

The Centwest team provides the module enclosures, masts and all other metal components within the OPS solution. The relationship with Centwest has caused these designs to evolve quickly and according to need.  

The Centwest team has taken ownership of manufacturing the diverse range of metal components given the increasing scale of the business. Centwest Engineering and Steel Supplies are based in Miner Road, Longreach.

The honourable Glenn Butcher MP meeting with Ian Harris and Andrew Barton at Centwest in Longreach. Minister Butcher is the Queensland Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing and Minister for Water.

The Honourable Glenn Butcher MP met OPS in Longreach including a visit to Centwest to review the local metal work design manufacturing capabilities. The Minister was impressed, providing solid feedback on how the local capability could be scaled based on his engagement with other industries within Queensland.

Benefiting Australia's Rural Economy

The OPS Australia decision to base operations and product development in Longreach has resulted in significant opportunities for local talent, including youth and young people.   

It has also caused economic benefit from sales to be retained in the bush, rather than this benefit being transferred from the bush to the city. 

This is a significant outcome for rural Australia.

The honourable Mark Furner MP after receiving an ag-tech briefing from Andrew Barton in Longreach. Minister Furner is the Queensland Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Minister for Rural Communities.