Plan my Solution

Planning your OPS data monitoring solution is easy.

It involves you collecting and providing OPS with the information  detailed below. We will then review this information and will provide you with a proposal for your solution installation.

Send us an email with the following information to

1: Data Gateway

The first component of your monitoring solution is the data gateway. A data gateway is mounted high on a mast near an internet connection.

In flat terrain, data modules will connect when within 10-15km of the data gateway.  Naturally, different areas differ.

Installing a data gateway on a mast next to a homestead is a good typical solution.  We call this a “standard data gateway” installation.

“Remote data gateway” installations are utilised where “standard data gateway” installs are not feasible. A “remote data gateway” is where the gateway does not directly connect to the internet. Remote data gateways can be installed by high ridges or mounds.  A remote data gateway can connect to the internet using 3G/4G routers or via point to point data links.

Action:  Advise the proposed location of the data gateway. Provide the spatial location with longitude and latitude (for example: -23.4496501,144.2396391)


2: Monitoring Locations

Provide a list of required monitoring locations with the longitude and latitude.

Share the name of the location and what type of asset you will be monitoring, be it a tank or soil monitor etc.

It is suggested that you include all possible monitoring locations in this list. This will mean that we can confirm that the data gateway can provide coverage for all these locations. It is quite ok to start with only a selection of monitoring locations and to install others with time.

Action:  Advise the list of proposed monitoring locations, including the name and type of asset to be monitored. Also include the longitude and latitude for each location.