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Point to Point Data Links

About the Product:

The OPS Point to Point Data Link product provides data connectivity at shearing sheds, stock yards and other remote property locations.  These solutions extend an internet connection to buildings, and other facilities alleviating the need to establish a second internet connection.  There are no ongoing costs including charges for data for these solutions and these solutions can be configured to limit the download file size.

Extend data connectivity to more areas on your property!

Product Features:

  • Extend current internet connections without needing to establish new connections.
  • Provide a safer and more desirable work environment.
  • High speed data links (depending on the distance, terrain and features between the data ends).
  • Can be solar battery or mains powered.
  • Internet connection data quotas can be preserved through configuration to limit the file download size.
  • Robust and reliable.
  • Designed for Australian outback conditions. 


  • Improve work productivity through access to the internet. 
  • Provide safer work environments.
  • Provide more desirable work environments.
  • Establish data connectivity to more areas on your property.

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