OPS Australia provide innovative and cost effective solutions for the Central West of Queensland.

OPS are developing a portfolio of identified products.

A steering committee review and prioritise the product portfolio to ensure that the most needed products are delivered first. The steering committee also review the emerging products and provide feedback to the development team to directly influence the product development. This vertical integration is an invaluable feature of the OPS product development approach.

The development of the product portfolio deliberately seeks to reuse technology between the products. This results in robust products being delivered at the lowest possible cost.

All products are subjected to a tough phased trial approach including being trialled in Outback conditions. This trial and validation approach has caused significant learnings to be folded into the products.

Our product development approach will sometimes cause us to return to fundamental design decisions should the product not meet expectations during trials. While this can feel a courageous design at the time, it is important to get the product design correct.

Our product design approach focuses on ensuring that we deliver the required product functionality, minimising cost and reliable robust operation.  

While we have the capability to design and develop our own components including software, electronic hardware, signal processing etc, we actively consider the inclusion of commercially available components.