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About the Product:

An OPS Remote Valve Control product allows you to remotely operate water valves either automatically, or manually from your phone or computer. Your water pipelines are critical components within your water solution. Remote Control Valves can automatically open or close depending on defined rules. For instance the OPS solution can close a valve automatically if a leak is detected within that section of pipeline. A Remote Valve Control product provides great flexibility within your water solution including the ability to close off flow to destocked paddocks on your property.  This product allows you to remotely prioritise the flow of water to special areas of your property. For example, it will allow you to fill tanks as quickly as possible to recover from a water leak. 

Manage your water solution through the automated operation of water valves!

Product Features:

  • Remotely or automatically open and close remote valves.
  • Be able to close off flow to destocked paddocks on your property. 
  • Control and divert the flow of water to meet a specific outcome.
  • Robust and reliable.
  • Built for Australian outback conditions. 
  • Solar battery operated.
  • Remotely operate your valves from the OPS Portal.


  • Provides assurance of your water solution.
  • Improves your work productivity. 
  • Allows you to quickly take action after being alerted of an issue.
  • Reduce unnecessary driving time.
  • Resolves water supply issues faster through automation.
  • Part of the OPS integrated property management solution.
  • Supports the management of remote properties.

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