Water Monitoring

OPS Australia provides comprehensive water monitoring and control solutions.
The smartest ag-tech solutions available within Australia today.

OPS Australia offer Tank Monitoring and Turkey Nest Monitoring solutions. 

Add value to your property, or properties through the installation of a smart OPS Water Monitoring and Control solution.

The innovative OPS Australia solution is a product of the central west of Queensland; the solution was developed given the need for a product that truly meets the needs of our rural outback region. The OPS Australia solution continues to be developed, improved and refined through direct engagement with customers. And all this happens within our region. 

OPS Australia has developed a local industry in the central west to design, deliver and support smart ag-tech solutions. Our water monitoring and control solution is the first product delivered by this growing industry.

Typically there are no data costs for most OPS Australia water monitoring solution installations.
OPS Australia has invested time and effort into developing a solution that does not require satellite connectivity or mobile coverage. 

No charges for ongoing data costs means that our solutions have a lower “total cost of ownership”. And this provides cost-effective scalable monitoring and control solutions. 

The OPS Australia Water Monitoring solutions are easy to install.  

Install a data gateway on your property and install OPS Water Monitoring modules on your key tanks and turkey nests. 

The OPS Australia solution is scalable; there is no limit to the number of OPS data collection modules you can install on your property.  And all typically with no ongoing data costs. 

View the water levels of your key water assets in real-time on your computer or smartphone. Anywhere where you have an internet connection. 

Monitor your key water assets while you are travelling and away from your property.

View the water levels for tanks on multiple remote properties via the OPS Portal

Contact OPS Australia today on 4658 9541 or info@OPSaustralia.com to discuss Water Monitoring solutions.