Soil Monitoring

Soil Monitoring requires an OPS Soil Monitor module and a soil moisture sensor. The soil moisture sensor is buried in the ground, typically at a depth of 1m.

The Soil Monitor module reads and sends the soil moisture data back to our secure web Portal via a data gateway.

The root systems of outback grasses are deep in the soil. These grasses are critical outback feed. These grasses need moisture down deep to grow.

The moisture 1 to 2m beneath the surface can greatly differ from the moisture visible at the surface.

The moisture retention of various soil types can also differ. Actual measurement of the soil moisture in various paddocks, in differing soil types throughout the year is important data to collect, retain and monitor.

The collection of historical soil moisture data provides a valuable insight as to how the current season compares with historical trends. This information provides valuable guidance as to what stocking levels can be adopted.

OPS Australia has investigated various types of soil moisture sensors and have critically tested and validated a soil moisture sensor selection. This sensor type has been proven to accurately track the soil moisture content in controlled experiments.

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