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Solar Pump Control

OPS Australia has developed an advanced Solar Pump Control.  

OPS Solar Pump Control allows you to operate solar pumps without physically driving to the location.  

While solar pumps do not require a mains supply of power, they do have the added feature of not operating at night, nor during periods of cloud or rain. 

Understanding the above, you can manually operate each solar pump from your smartphone or computer.  Simply click the pump icon and your pump will turn ON (or OFF), regardless of where it may be located. 

OPS Solar Pump Control will turn a pump OFF when a tank is full to prevent boggy overflow around a tank.  The automatic control of pumps conserves water while ensuring that your stock has ready access to water.  

You can also have the OPS Solar Pump Control automatically turn your solar pump ON or OFF based on any number of rules within a smart algorithm, such as the water level in one or more water tanks.

You can operate your electric pump either manually or automatically achieve an objective such as keeping a tank full.  OPS Solar Pump Control is “cruise control” for tanks. 

OPS Solar Pump Control is flexible, allowing the tanks and pumps to be in different physical locations.

An OPS Solar Pump Control can detect and alert you to when a solar pump is not effectively pushing water, increasing your assurance in your water network. 


Product Features:

  • Control your solar pumps from the OPS Portal.
  • Automatically or manually operate solar pumps.
  • Prevents boggy overflow around tanks.
  • Receive alerts when the pump is not pushing water.
  • Low total cost of ownership.
  • Robust and reliable.
  • Built for Australian outback conditions. 
  • Solar battery operated.

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