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Solution: Alert when your house tank is emptying

A rural homestead often has a water tank on a stand near the homestead.  This house tank is used for numerous general purposes around the homestead including showering and laundry.   The water can also be used to water lawns and the garden. 

Sometimes, we wake up to an empty house tank.  This means no showers!   And all because a garden sprinkler was left on. 

OPS has a solution!   The first part is to monitor the water level in the house tank.  This is achieved by installing an OPS Water Level Monitor on the tank.  

The OPS Alerting solution will then provide an alert that the water level is falling, allowing you to turn off the offending garden sprinkler before the tank completely empties.

Additionally you can remotely control the pump that fills the house tank.

OPS Alert when your house tank is emptying

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