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Solution: Control a pump to keep a tank full

Cattle can drink a lot of water.  If the cattle come in for a drink, they can deplete the tank water levels.  All types of stock need water. 

Pumps push water to tanks and turkey nests.  Tanks feed water to troughs.  We want to keep our tanks full.  And we want our stock to always have water.

We want the tanks to be full; we don’t want the tanks to overflow and create a boggy mess around the tank.  We want the tanks to be full so we have plenty of water available when required.  

Tanks can be in remote locations.  And the pump that fills the tank isn’t always next to the tank.   The tank and the pump can be remote from each other. 

An OPS solution can automatically turn the pump ON when the tank level falls below an agreed level and likewise the pump will be turned OFF when the tank is full.   And this can happen automatically.  This can be one less manual job to be done.   And you can watch this all happen on the OPS Portal.

And you can manually operate the pump from your computer or smartphone.  You can choose to manually turn the pump ON or OFF as required, or you can select automatic operation.  The OPS solution is flexible and is designed to work for you.   

The OPS solution is smarter by design.

If you install an OPS Water Level Monitor on the tank and if you install a Remote Control module at the pump, the cloud based OPS solution can monitor both the water level in the tank and the operation of the pump.  And this happens in real-time and continually 24×7.

Remote control solutions improve your productivity by automating important jobs like starting remote pumps.  Remote control solutions reduce your drive time and provide improved assurance that your stock always has water. 

Additionally you can include extra rules to only operate the pump during particular time periods to utilise cheaper electricity.  This will reduce the cost of operating the pump to keep the tank full.  The OPS solution is very flexible and can be customised to suit your particular needs. 

You can set up any number of remote control solutions on your property as there is no limit to the number of OPS monitors you can install on your property.  And remember that there are no data costs for OPS monitoring and control solutions.

OPS Control a pump to keep a tank full

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