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Solution: Monitor a solar pump

Solar pumps are critical parts of your property’s water solution. 

They play an important role in ensuring that your stock has water through pushing water to your tanks and turkey nests.  

However, while solar pumps do not need mains power to operate, they don’t operate at night nor during cloudy or rainy periods. 

The OPS solution allows you to monitor the operation of your solar pumps.  It is important to know when each solar pump is effectively pushing water.  

Monitoring your solar pump can also alert you to pipeline faults or leaks when they are detected.

Monitoring the outward water pressure will show that the solar pump is operating and is effectively pushing water.  If the pipeline downstream from the pump splits or breaks, a drop in pressure can be detected.  If the inlet water flow to the pump is constrained, this will be seen in the outward pressure.  Likewise if the pump becomes clogged with debris, this will affect its ability to push water. 

Monitor key solar pumps, or all your solar pumps to provide assurance that your stock has access to water.

A water pressure sensor is typically mounted in a T-piece.  There are no moving parts with a water pressure sensor.  A cable connects the OPS Data Monitor to the sensor.  

Depending on water pressure levels and flows, you can also install water flow sensors downstream from the solar pump. 

You can also compare the data for your solar pump to say the same time last year to ensure that the solar pump is maintaining its pumping efficiency. 

The OPS Alerting solution will let you know if the water pressure or water flow from the solar pump is outside normal levels.

View your data on the OPS Portal.  View your data in real-time as the OPS Data Monitors regularly send back new water pressure or flow readings.

There is no limit to the number of OPS monitors you can install on your property.  And remember that there are no data costs for OPS monitoring and control solutions.

OPS Monitor a Solar Pump

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