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Solution: Monitor Water over a Road

The outback is a large connected network of creeks, rivers and roads.  

Creeks and roads interconnect at numerous and various locations. 

A creek that is dry for much of the year can quickly come up and cut off a road. 

A body of water at say Muttaburra will take several days before being experienced at Longreach on its way to South Australia.  Local flooding can come up quickly and can fall quickly.  Creek flooding can be influenced by both “out of region” or “local” rainfall.

It is important that we know we can complete a journey before we start.   If we know that a creek is rising and when the water will cross the road, we may leave early or we may postpone our trip.   Knowing when water will cross a road and by how much, will influence our travel decisions.  Knowing if and when a road will be cut by flooding is important to say a team of shearers, or maybe a team of council workers who need to return to town.

Knowing if and when water will cross a road is important information.  This is important safety information.

Driving through flooded waters is dangerous and even more dangerous at night.  “If it is flooded, forget it”.

An OPS Water over Road solution will indicate in real-time the water level of the creek at each road crossing.  It will show if the water level is rising, when the water level is expected to cross the road level and it will show if the water level is rising or falling. 

An OPS Water Level Monitor is installed typically out of sight of the road and typically on the upstream side of the road.  The water level sensor is encased to prevent it from being damaged by floating debris. 

OPS Monitor Water over Road

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