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OPS Sponsorships

OPS Australia is sponsoring Cade Ferguson.  Cade is a young cowboy based in Cloncurry.  Cade’s specialty and main passion is bull riding, though he is also an excellent all round horseman.  We became aware of Cade at the Longreach Rodeo in May 2022. We were a proud sponsor of the Longreach Road to Rodeo 2022. Andrew, CEO of OPS Australia, saw Cade during the Rodeo and was impressed by his skills. He felt that Cade was a great fit for OPS, as he showed many values that align with OPS and what the company is wanting to achieve.

The development of rural Australia relied heavily on the horse and those with horse skills. So sponsoring Cade is somehow a nod to our past. 

OPS is helping Cade meet his objective of rising up in the Australian and International Rodeo arena.  Follow OPS Australia on social media to receive regular updates of Cade’s travel and achievements. 

Further, Cade has great technical skills and works casually within OPS whenever he can.  Cade performs a wide variety of technical work including building and testing modules and also configuring electronic circuit boards.  Cade is a great technical allrounder. We are excited to support Cade in his rodeo career as well as harbour his passion for the technical work within ag-tech. 

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