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Water Level Monitoring

OPS Australia have developed an advanced water level monitoring solution. 

OPS Water Level Monitors are utilised within the following solutions


OPS Water Level Monitors are accurate; they can detect 5 mm changes in water level, depending on the type of water level sensor that is used.

These water level monitors have been designed and built tough for Australian outback conditions.  The stainless steel enclosure protects your investment by keeping the electronics cool and by not deteriorating over time given the harsh Australian sun.  

An OPS Water Level Monitor is smart and simple; it consists of an OPS designed circuit board, a battery and a solar panel.   The circuit board contains advanced firmware that directs the collection of new data, the communication of the data back to the OPS Portal and the effective use of battery power.   

OPS Water Level Monitors can be either solar / battery powered, or can operate on mains power. 

View your water level data via the OPS Portal, and notifications via OPS Alerting.

Product Features: 

  • Accurate water level readings. 

  • Receive alerts when the water level falls too quickly.

  • Continuous data communications.

  • Robust and reliable.

  • Built for Australian outback conditions.

  • Solar battery or mains powered.

  • Submersible water level sensor.

  • Access your data via the OPS Portal. 

  • Retains historical water level data.


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