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About the Product:

The OPS Water over Road monitoring product provides a real-time view of water levels at key road crossings.  The data will let you know if you will be able to complete your journey before you start. It shows if the water level is rising or falling at each road crossing.  The Water of Road product will indicate when the water is expected to cross the road and when the road is expected to clear when the water is falling. Providing a safer environment in rural and outback Australia.

Know the water levels at key road crossings!

Product Features:

  • Accurate water level readings.
  • Continuous monitoring of water levels at key road crossings. 
  • Receive alerts regarding the water level.
  • No need to ask someone to physically drive to the road crossing to provide an update.
  • Know the water level at each crossing at any time, be it day or night. 
  • Robust and reliable.
  • Built for Australian outback conditions. 
  • Solar battery operated.
  • Retains historical water level data.


  • Provide accurate road conditions to visitors, family and workers.
  • Provides you with important journey management information. 
  • Allows you to avoid unsafe driving conditions.
  • Decide to leave earlier or later to avoid driving through water. 
  • Saves you needing to turn back due to water over the road.
  • Improves your work productivity.

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