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Our Story

OPS Australia is based in Longreach in western Queensland.   

OPS Australia was formed to meet the needs of graziers in our region.  These needs were not being met by other solutions on the market and we wanted to fill this gap so our primary producers could work more efficiently.  

OPS Australia is selling products nationally to meet national property management needs.

OPS Australia was created out of need; Keith Gordon purchased a mob of sheep only to find them brutalised by a pack of wild dogs.

Keith phoned Andrew Barton and asked, “Can we build a system that detect wild dogs and stop them killing sheep?”

Andrew’s reply was the trigger that formed this local start-up.  What followed is an intense journey of development, testing and delivery.

And the rest is history.

We commenced developing ag-tech products, starting simply, but with big plans. We were initially based on “Parkdale” and “Campsie”, south west of Longreach. Much of our early product development and testing occurred in these properties.

We formed a steering committee of local primary producers. They provided valuable feedback on emerging products and suggested new products to be developed. Today our product list contains nearly forty products. We meet with the steering committee regularly where we provide updates and ask for priorities on product development.

"Campsie" homestead.

In 2022, OPS secured large commercial premises (the former Longreach Leader building) in Longreach.  Moving into this larger facility has allowed OPS to ramp up our delivery volumes. This facility is our National Operations Centre (NOC). We manage the growing OPS national solution from this building, and this facility is the core technical hub for the OPS solution. 

The OPS team provides priority on employing western Queensland resources. We provide a focus on training and skilling these resources to provide them with opportunities that would not have previously been possible in the western region. 

Today, OPS has many focus areas. Firstly we are installing ag-tech solutions to a growing number of customers. Secondly, our suite of products continue to grow through strong ongoing product development. Thirdly we are recruiting and training new team members and finally we are refining our internal business systems to support this rapidly growing business. All this is happening in western Queensland.